The loss of humanity from our Society

Ahmad Zubair
3 min readJun 9, 2021
Together we can grow

Lately, I have been observing what we as a society and nation do. We are divided into 5 classes. Three vertical and two horizontal.

The vertical class is divided into Upper, middle and lower class. Whereas the horizontal class is divided into two types of people givers/doers and critics only.

The upper class is getting rich and the middle class is working for the upper class and it’s next to impossible for someone to move in between these two classes. Society doesn’t accept the shift. The lower class on the other hand are now only living on a daily basis. They have no health and neither are they afraid of anything. Because for them there is no hope and definitely no tomorrow. They struggle through life but those out of them who are smart and brave struggle and lands themselves in the middle class. For them, it’s a lifetime journey. They are more humble than others and more confused about the vague living standards. When they look up to upper-class people they almost see no life, no family, no interest, and definitely no connection.

Then there are those, like me, who are middle-class people. It’s mostly our own fault that we are not in a good situation. Above all, we have no faith and all we depend upon is the upper class to provide us with jobs in their businesses. We are not taught financial literacy, time management, awareness of education, options to choose what we want to study and which university to go to. We, the middle-class people, just follow instructions. We waste our education, ruin our dreams, do things that are of no interest to us. We ruin US.

COVID 19 has introduced a new class of jokers in our society. They are the ones most affected and yet they don’t believe in any of it. They have to be at every place even though they can’t breathe properly. Somehow they believe that now is the most important time to say the prayers only in mosques (when prayers are supposed to be done following instructions).

No doubt mosques are very important and a symbol of equality, unity, and development of the society but please ask yourself are you really sure that now is the time to be careless. Right when the whole world is talking about Space X and the Dragon 2, we Pakistanis are interested in gossiping. We forgot to improve and learn new things but now almost every one of us has almost seen everything on Netflix and now moving to amazon prime for more.

We need to make people more and more aware of what they wanna do and how they can do it. We need to let people ask questions. We have to discourage bullying. We have to address depression. We have to be there for our people when they need us the most. WE HAVE TO STOP GOSSIPING.

Take care of the people around you. They are the real asset of our lives.



Ahmad Zubair

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